Program Outline and Services Offered

K.I.S.S. Foundation, Inc. is a Residential Therapeutic Community for adult men that suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program includes Parenting classes, Anger Management classes, Life Skills training, Yoga, and a spiritually based 12-step recovery program. Community service opportunities within the neighborhood the facility is located is also mandatory for all residents.

Our therapeutic community program is set up in levels.

Level One – Introduction, Stabilization, and Program Centered

This level is from day one to four (4) months (varies per individual). The new resident becomes accumulated to the program and their surroundings. This level also includes minimal contact with outside family and friends so as the new resident becomes comfortable in the community. Participation in daily recovery groups is mandatory. Attendance at seven (7) outside 12-step meetings per week is mandatory. Transportation is provided to 12-step meetings.

Level Two – Transition

This level is worked in conjunction with Level One. As the resident continues his treatment and community involvement, the resident is also encouraged to seek medical attention for existing medical conditions and mental health issues. Additionally, the resident is expected to maintain all court & probation appearances whenever and wherever necessary. Furthermore, residents will begin to search for full-time employment. Staff assists all residents in interviewing skills, resume writing and with job searches. We work with two (2) area employment agencies to enable residents to secure full time employment.

Level Three – Re-Entry

This level will last for the balance of the nine (9) months or longer, if the resident wishes to stay longer. In this level the resident is working full time, are completely engaged in the outside community and has taken on the role within the therapeutic community as a senior peer. Aftercare is held weekly at the facility and is mandatory that all residents in this level attend.

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