About the K.I.S.S. Foundation, Inc.

K.I.S.S. Foundation, Inc. is a Residential Therapeutic Community for adult men that suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program utilizes the 12 core functions with parenting classes, Anger Management classes, Domestic Violence Awareness classes, Life Skills training, Music & Art Therapy classes and a spiritually based 12-step recovery program incorporated into the TC program.

Community service opportunities within our local neighborhood is also mandatory for all residents. We promote unity, accountability and the “we”. This is a nine (9) month Residential program.

History of Lia House

Victor and Marion Lia - who made Lia house possible

Victor and Marion Lia

In 2010 my Dad, Victor Lia, encouraged Mark and I to find a building to open a sober house to help adult men. For the next ten months or so, my Dad and I would venture out to many buildings and sites, only to be disappointed time and time again.

Mark had noticed the house located at 2003 Denison Avenue, Cleveland was sold to a someone he knew. Phone calls were made and we visited the house. We instantly knew this was the house when we walked in the kitchen door. My parents, Victor and Marion had agreed to financially help us open the doors. Thus the Lia House was opened May 1st, 2012 and named after my Dad’s surname to honor my parents for the help they extended to Mark and I and the countless alcoholics and addicts they would help over the years.


K.I.S.S. Foundation's Ronnie's House is dedicated to Ronnie Cowoski

Ronnie Cowoski

History of Ronnie’s House

The house located 3850 West 20th Street was donated to the foundation by the owners of Metro Cleveland Security in 2013. This house was transformed into a Level Three house and affectionately named after my best friend, Ronnie Cowoski, whom passed away in July, 2013.

History of Jack’s House

For years Mark Sowden worked with Jack Mulhall as his right-hand man. By outstanding example, Jack taught Mark and later Jackie, how to help drunks through humility and integrity. In 2023, we chose to rename the Convent, Jack’s House in his honor as we continue to follow his legacy of helping drunks – not excepting any Federal, State, County, or insurance money – only by ONE DRUNK HELPING ANOTHER DRUNK!
Thank you Jack, for your example!


We’re always looking for help with growing the K.I.S.S. Foundation in order to help more of those in need. Send us a message if you are interested in working with us either as a volunteer or staff member.