Lia House

First stage of recovery

Level one: Lia House

Introduction, Stabilization, and Program Centered 

This level will continue for up to 90 days; depending on progress of the individual resident.  The new resident becomes acclimated to the program guidelines, other residents and the home atmosphere.  

Participation in daily recovery groups is mandatory. Attendance to seven (7) outside 12-step meetings per week is mandatory. Transportation is provided by the Lia House to 12-step meetings. Life skills, Anger Management & Domestic Violence Awareness classes are offered as well as Art as Therapy and Music Therapy.

Residents with Mental Health issues, pre-existing medical conditions, and dental problems, are encouraged to seek appropriate medical attention. Mental Health residents must maintain all psychological and psychiatrist appointments and adhere to all prescription medications as prescribed.

Program Fees

K.I.S.S. Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization:

  • Tax deduction- donate to K.I.S.S. Foundation - recovery house

    Level One: Lia House is completely free for new residents.

  • Funded privately
  • Does not accept private insurance
  • Does not accept city, state, or federal funding

We rely on receiving generous donations from people like you.

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