A Program that Works

Built by Successful Leaders within the Recovery Community

The management of K.I.S.S. Foundation Inc. is made up of people who not only have the management skills to operate the foundation but more importantly the experience of being in recovery as well. This is a vital part of why K.I.S.S. is successful. K.I.S.S. management understands the process, based on their own personal experiences.


Executive Director

Since first getting sober in 1983, I have always had the desire to help other addicts and alcoholics achieve sobriety but never pursued it.  This desire was realized in 2012, when we opened the Lia House. 

Sober since 2008 and having volunteered at various “sober centers” in the Cleveland area, I realized I had found my passion of helping others.  

Additionally, I received an Associated Degree in Applied Science, Chemical Dependency Specialization (advanced degree) from Central Texas College and also a Ohio Certified Peer Supporter.


Facilities Director

I spent most of my adulthood bouncing in and out of recovery until 2006 when I finally surrendered. I was employed by Jack Mulhall at the Keating Center and learned first hand from Jack how to effectively help drunks and drug addicts.

Additionally, Jack taught me to help others free of charge to these individuals and their families.

Bringing with me to Lia House is over 48 years of experience in recovery and the ability to effectively help others recover from alcoholism.

staff member, Cody Barnett | K.I.S.S. FoundationCody Barnett

Administrative assistant

I was born and raise in small town south west of Cleveland, in New London Ohio. 
I arrived at this facility on October 31 of 2020 and was in need of help because of my addiction. Jackie was willing to take me in and give me another chance at life. When I got here the men in the out were very welcoming, I actually felt like I belonged here and it felt like home. Now I’ve been here for two years I have completed the Lia house program and still work the 12 steps every day. I do have any everyday job but I stop by the house everyday and volunteer my time to helping another alcoholic. The Lia house saved my life.


Jeffrey Scott

Residential Assistant

An Alumni of the Lia House, Jeff has worked in the office in various capacities for the last eight years. Currently is the Residential Assistant living on-site helping with the day-to-day operations.


We’re always looking for help with growing the K.I.S.S. Foundation in order to help more of those in need. Send us a message if you are interested in working with us either as a volunteer or staff member.

Board of Directors

Edith Schilla, President

Michael Callahan (alumni), Vice President

Stanislav Tsiperson, Treasurer

Denise Olszak, Secretary

Katherine Sayre, Member